Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sin's Lie

Each Sunday brings a new view on the chancel. Planning worship has never been more fun. I don't do it alone. Every couple months a bunch of us gather together to look at the coming texts and worship themes. In addition to the great music, powerpoint slides and creative prayers and responses, we are welcomed into the space with chancel decorations that go way beyond decorative flowers. A talented crew of volunteers who know art and and plants, textures and space are illustrating the sermon theme.
Last week we had a full vase of apple branches loaded with bring, shiny apples to illlustrate creation. This week I am preaching on the Lie of Sin from Genesis 3, and you can see the lie in the vase: a branches and no leaves, with one apple, with a chunk bit out of it.
This week has been a week of lies: James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" to Jack Abramhov's influence peddling and all the folks who now run away from ever knowing him. I received a letter from a friend talking about how hard it is to trust pastors after a long season of disappointments. We have been lied to so often, distrust and skepticism is our first response too many times. I invite you to inventory your truth sources. Who is it you really trust? Where do you find objective, relilable truth? How does your faith life hone and refine your understanding of truth?


Blogger Arvid Brommers said...

Hi Donn:

I now know that your name is spelled with two "d"s...

Again, Alice and I really get a lot out of your sermons, and our morning devotions is very special with these O.T. readings!!

See you this afternoon.


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