Saturday, May 28, 2011

Matthew 18:21-35

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Matthew 18:1-20

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mothers' Day

The flowers on the communion table for this Sunday have been donated by Nina Nordholm and her family in honor of Alex, whose memorial service was held at church on Friday afternoon. But they are more than decorative and beautiful. The multi-colored flowers anticipates worship on Sunday.

Sunday worship will celebrate what God is doing in three distinct ways (colors?). First, the new Superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC), Rev. Efrem Smith will be preaching. I knew Efrem back in Minneapolis when he planted a multi-ethnic Covenant Church called “Sanctuary.” The PSWC is the most multi-ethnic conference in the Covenant. You will delight to hear the vision and energy from our new leader!

During worship on Sunday we will also be confirming one young woman, Madison Hale. Madison, along with the first year confirmands, will participate in a litany on the Apostles’ Creed and share her catechism paper with us. Martha and I have had such fun teaching the Old Testament to four young women this past year, watching their faith grow and mature.

We will also hear a witness to God’s faithfulness during worship from Rev. Nagi Said, co-pastor of Kasr El Dobarah Evangelical Church in Cairo, Egypt, who is in Santa Barbara celebrating the graduations of his neice (Jenny Mikhail) and nephew (Sam Mikhail). Nagi and his church are located on Tahir Square in central Cairo and played a key role during the democratic revolution.

And all of this happens on a day in our society when we honor and celebrate our mothers and the mothers among us. That is a pretty bright bouquet of flowers!



1. Young Life is collecting old cell phones (of PDA’s) to be recycled to help send kids to camp. There will be a collection bin on the patio Sunday.

2. Jr. High is going to Sky High May 13 for $20. Pick up a release form from Lisa on the patio Sunday.

3. Budget Update

a. Income Needed (YTD): $244,808

b. Income Received (% of YTD): $194,131 (79.3%)

c. Expenses YTD (deficit): $222,194 (#28,063)